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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Review - VTech Discovery Nursery Farm

Both my father and fiance are musicians, so it came as no surprise to me that my 10 month old son, Judah, loves anything musical. I was absolutely thrilled to receive the VTech Discovery Nursery Farm as a gift for him this Christmas from his grandparents. He already had a basic five-key piano that he enjoyed banging away on, but the VTech Discovery Nursery Farm appeared to be so much more.
Priced at around $19, this plastic toy takes the appearance of a colorful piano adorned with an interactive farm scene. It is light enough for him to pick up and set in his lap, which he is apt to do. I was very happy to notice there are no sharp edges in which he could hurt himself with.
On top of the toy, there is a sun that lights up when you turn it on and when he presses on all the different keys and animals. Right now, Judah is a big fan of toys that light up, so this is a plus.
There are two volume settings: low and high. While I appreciate the thought, I honestly don't know anyone that would purposefully turn a toy's volume on high. However, the low volume is much lower than the volume of most of his other "noisy" toys.
My brother is currently staying with my family and has expressed that the singing voice in this toy reminds him of "Lambchop" and is annoying. I find it upbeat, cute, and quite tolerable. Judah cannot resist doing a little dance anytime the VTech Discovery Nursery Farm starts singing a song, so I would say he agrees with me and not his uncle.
Another great feature about this toy is that it is built to teach. It helps a child to identify different colors and associate them with different things you would find on a farm. It teaches him different animals and the different noises they make. It also features many appropriate songs he could learn to sing along with.
One thing Judah really enjoys is turning the pages of a book. The VTech DiscoveryNursery Farm has implemented this idea in the center of this product with a "page" that you can turn to trigger either of the songs "Mary Had A Little Lamb" or "Bingo (Was His Name-O)". Being a huge fan of dogs himself, one of Judah's newest words is now "Bingo".
My son LOVES his VTech Discovery Nursery Farm. It currently reigns as his absolute favorite thing to play with. It can keep him busy, content, and happy for a good, solid 15-20 minutes. This may not seem like very long, but if you are a parent trying to get things done with your kid(s) around, you know that this is priceless. I mean, this is enough time to get some dishes done, do some laundry, or even work on a review for your blog! ;)
You can purchase the VTech Discovery Nursery Farm at many toy stores nationwide, or buy it online directly from VTech at
Check out my video demonstration of this product on youtube here:


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