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Sunday, December 27, 2009

About Me

My name is Codi.

I'm a 27 year old stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby boy named Judah. He was born March 6, 09.

I babysit and do other odds and ends on the internet to make ends meet.

Recluse. Christian. Lover.

♥ My family ♥ My friends ♥ Animals ♥ Art ♥ Crafts ♥ Celebrity Gossip Mags ♥ Energy Drinks ♥ Mochas ♥ Web Design ♥ Graphic Design ♥ Candy ♥ Modeling ♥ Reading ♥ Writing ♥ Gemstone Mining ♥ Crocheting ♥ Fashion ♥ Makeup ♥ Shopping ♥ Internet ♥ Freebies

I am goofy.
I'm a nice girl that hates when people sees that as a weakness.
Full-blown typical Scorpio, meaning I will stay nice until you do me wrong, then I might have to sting ya. :)
I love animals, especially my three dogs. <3
Sometimes I think I'm the queen of internet-addiction. If you are bored, I can probably recommend a few websites that'll cure it.
1 tattoo (want more), 5 piercings (ears, nose, naval, tragus)
I like playing Supermodel and dressing up for pictures.
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