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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Review Policy

Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews may receive monetary compensation for reviews. Any monetary compensation will be noted on said review. Monetary compensation will not influence review posts. An honest opinion will always be provided.
Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews may be sent a complimentary item in exchange for honest opinions in a review. Receiving a free product will not influence review posts.
All opinions and thoughts are my own, and other people may have different outcomes & experiences.
Goldiloc's Sweepstakes is not responsible for those who purchase these items and experience different results. On occasion, the company will provide Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews with a product to give away in a contest as well.
Review Policy:
1. A full-sized, new, and non-returnable sample of the product is required in order for Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews to do a review. If your company prefers, I will also accept a free product coupon or gift card in order to purchase the product at a local store or online.
2. If your company has a press kit, access to high resolution digital photos, samples, videos, or any other pertinent information relating to the product to be reviewed or the company, it should be sent along with the product to be reviewed. I will use pictures and links from your company's website if preferred.
3. I am open to directing readers to your website, blog, newsletter, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. Please provide all url addresses of any social media you'd like advertised in the review.
4: I will mention sales, specials, discounts, and promotions for your company as part of the product review. Please provide me with details so that this may be included.
5. Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews is NOT responsible for shipping fees, nor brokerage fees applicable with review items. Please do not send me the prize for the giveaway. I will notify you when the giveaway winner has been chosen & you can send the prize directly to them.
6. Items given to Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews with intent for testing and the actual review itself will not be returned.
7. You will receive an email once I receive your product to be reviewed. A review will be posted for your product on Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews' website within two week's time. I will email your company when my review is published. Reviews will be published to my website on a first-come first-served basis. If your company requires the item to be reviewed sooner than two weeks time, monetary compensation is required. Fees vary according to time alloted for review, so please email me for details.
8. I only accept products for review that are "family-friendly". Please do not send me anything that does not meet this requirement.
9. I do not require a giveaway for a product review.
10.I do not require a product review for a giveaway.
11. I will always require a reader to visit your website and comment about something it pertains to as part of their mandatory entry to a giveaway.
12. Giveaway items should be of equal value or greater to the product being reviewed. I will not host giveaways for special sales or coupons to go toward the value of a product. A reader should receive at least one new, full-size product win they win a giveaway.
13. I will use to determine winners of any giveaways unless otherwise requested. If a different method to determine winners is used it will be noted on the review.
14. Giveaways will be published directly under the product review unless otherwise requested.
15. Goldiloc's Sweepstakes & Reviews will not publish negative product reviews. If your product isn't something I would feel comfortable in recommending, I will contact your company to discuss the matter privately. I will not write a review, but I will give suggestions for improvement if requested.

***Media kit coming soon!
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