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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review - Mommy Musician Frances England

Here's something I know you other mommies are sure to enjoy!
The other day, while trying to get some work done, I decided to turn to to keep my son in a good mood. Like most babies, he adores music, and the right music can really make a difference in his overall attitude and contentment level.
I had discovered Rockabye Baby a few months back and thought it was pretty neat. Rockabye Baby makes lullaby renditions of rock songs. On a whim, I used the term "rockabye baby" as an artist tag to try to find some music that Judah (my son) seemed to enjoy. A few songs went by, and I was able to get some work done peacefully.
Suddenly, I heard something that distracted me from my work. Judah's attention was peaked as well. The song was cute, sort of in a Phoebe from Friends way, but not as cheesy. The family-friendly lyrics were sung by a voice similar to that of Louise Post of Veruca Salt. The beat was catchy and upbeat. I took a break from my work to enjoy the melody playing from my computer with my son. I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd ever hear children's music I would want to add to my own mp3 player, but it had just happened.
The artist was a woman named Frances England. Her debut CD, Fascinating Creatures, was originally made for a fundraiser for her son's preschool. She didn't expect for it to garner so much attention, but the CD eventually made it to the homes of families worldwide and received great reviews. Her newest CD, Family Tree, was written around the time of the birth of her second son and maintains the same alternative-folk feel that made Fascinating Creatures so wonderful.
Her lyrics warm my heart and make me smile. They bring me back to the more simple times of being a kid and seeing the world through those bright eyes. Her songs have been stuck in my head ever since I first heard them.
My absolute favorite is the song Tricycle, which she happens to have a video for on youtube:

You can check her out & hear samples of songs at her oh-so-cute website:
Additionally, both her albums are available for download at Amazon or in the iTunes Music

As for me, I think it's safe to say I have a favorite family-friendly musician now. I had always thought the genre was a bit too simple and unstimulating for more mature minds, but she really breaks down this barrier.
Rock on, Frances England! I wish you many more successful albums to come!

This review was not compensated in any way & the opinions are my own.


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