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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dreadlocks & the Future

Last night I decided that my hair was driving me crazy. I love my dreadlocks, but a lot of them decided to have a mind of their own & not in a good way. They were doing zig-zags and curling and all sorts of craziness.
Sooo...I've decided to start the process of combing them out. So far so's not thinning my hair terribly like last time. I credit that to not using any product this time like beeswax.
I think I might keep the ones with beads in them b/c the beads are Kano beads...ancient & all that...& I know I'm going to miss the dreadlocks.
So I guess a few is okay.
So where does that leave this? GOLDILOC'S Sweepstakes & Reviews?
Honestly, I'm thinking about just starting all this over.
Not sure yet.
I haven't been in the mood to do sweepstakes the last few days, sorry.
We'll see.
Happy 2010, everyone!!
19 more minutes for me!


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